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First Visit

Before You Arrive

Most likely when you call the office to set up your appointment you will be asked for general information, details about your referring provider (if applicable) and your preferred method of payment.  Medical advice or recommendations cannot be given over the phone at this time as our receptionist is not a doctor.  However, she is able answer any of your questions about the clinic and will be able to find a convenient time to schedule your appointment.

If you will be filing insurance with us and would like to check your own benefits we have developed this form to help you – VERIFYING YOUR OWN BENEFITS. This form walks you through the exact same process our clinic uses to determine this information. The advantage to independently verifying your own benefits is that you will be able to understand what services your insurance company does and does not cover, thereby avoiding unpleasant surprises or confusing scenarios in the future.

We offer our NEW PATIENT PAPERWORK on line for your convenience. We recommend that you fill it out ahead of time and bring it with you to your first visit.

Things you should bring to your first visit:

  • Photo ID
  • Insurance Card (if applicable)
  • Loose fitting clothing so that the appropriate area can be examined
  • Any diagnostic imaging (we prefer the actual images rather than just the report)
  • A Referral (if applicable)

Your First Visit

Please arrive fifteen minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time. This time will be used to process your information and prepare it for the doctors. It is in your best interest to receive the complete examination and subsequent treatment so please be punctual. Out of respect for all of our patient’s schedules, we are not able to extend your appointment if you arrive late. However, we will endeavor to accomplish as much as possible.

We seek to be as efficient and focused as possible with every visit, therefore our office maintains a strict policy regarding cell phones. Please turn your phone to “silent” upon entering the clinic. Unless it is an emergency, phone conversations are not allowed within the clinic. Out of respect for those who are sharing space with each other, we ask that you refrain from phone conversations in the waiting room as well.  For parents who seek to bring their children – please know that children are always welcome as long as their presence doesn’t interfere with our ability to treat you or other patients who may be present. We encourage you to bring along items that will keep your child mentally stimulated while remaining seated and relatively quiet (We recommend you bring headphones for any electronic devices). Preparing your child for behavior suitable to that of a library is appropriate.

After your paperwork has been processed, you will then be seen by the doctor. Your examination includes the intake of your medical history, (a detailed history will allow us to better understand your symptoms, how they began, and how they are affecting your activities to accurately diagnose what may be causing them), orthopedic, neurologic and functional examinations and the doctor may recommend diagnostic testing if he deems it necessary. Treatment is usually initiated on the first visit, implementing the most appropriate and effective therapy for your condition and presentation.

Before you leave, the doctor will answer any questions you may have and will provide you with information about your condition and specific instructions to perform at home such as exercises, proper biomechanics, ice/heat therapy, posture correction and ergonomic changes.

On the first visit, it is recommended to allow between 45-60 minutes due to the extensive nature of the initial evaluation and 20-40 minutes for subsequent visits, (typically 30 minutes or less). Treatment methods may vary from visit to visit because as your symptoms improve and change, the treatment will change accordingly to continue the quickest progression of your recovery possible.

We look forward to meeting you!


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